Mi Mundo, in Spanish simply means "my world". Mi Mundo was an inspirational concept borne many years ago while studying and majoring in Geography and Environmental Science, while attending the University of Memphis. I was always self-motivated, excited and inspired studying, and wondering about the wonders of our world and universe. I could only imagine. Many times I had dreamed that while reading about a particular place of interest on a map, how nice it would be if you could actually see the place you were trying to find!


Thus, the idea of Mi Mundo maps was born. Here at Mi Mundo maps, we hope this map will not only provide a reminder of the natural beauty that surrounds us, but also recognize the important places of our history, culture and archaeology. By utilizing this map, we intend to inspire, educate and create more awareness, interest, conservation and preservation of our great land with all its natural resources.


If you are planning your next trip, going on an adventure, or just looking for somewhere to explore, consider Mi Mundo map. It’s an educational fun way to guide you to see unique wildlife, archeological sites, or other wonders that await. Since the outdoors are our biggest classroom, we believe this map can be an invaluable resource to educators and teachers alike, helping students, or novelists learn more of our world around. The above images are a credit to the National Park Service.

History of Mi Mundo Maps

Mi Mundo, Llc Visual Map of United States