Kenneth Warren Lloyd

Chief of Marketing

​A world traveler, and retired United States Marine, with several honors,  my travels have been an invaluable education all in themselves. This has provided me with a deep understanding of many different cultures of our great land. My hobbies are spending time on the nearby beautiful beaches, and cruising on my Harley Davidson into the sunset. I volunteer as a valuable resource,  providing my expert advice and knowledge in new and established market strategies and positioning.

Mark S. Lloyd

​Founder of Mi Mundo Maps

I have always considered myself as one who “thought out of the box”, somewhat of an independent thinker, entrepreneur, and inventor, not so much as a follower. I never knew how much Family history and heritage had such a profound impact in my future endeavors, coming from prior business owners, inventors, and very hard workers.

Nowadays, I spend a lot of time, simply enjoying myself with hobbies, such as golfing, and other activities, balanced with raising two beautiful daughters Erica and Monica, and laughing as much as possible, every day.    

Mi Mundo Maps - Staff